Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why do I feel the need to justify my list w/ Clem?

Okay, back up. A while ago TFMD and I were discussing the finer points of Pajiba's list of most bangable unconventionally hot celebs. If you want to puruse it, go ahead I'll wait:

We agreed with Paul Rudd
John Krasinski

Ryan Gosling
Christian Bale (though after the images of The Machine, my hat is only half in the ring).

We added Ed Norton

Then this is where the agreement started breaking down. I said Jack White
I should reinforce the point of said list: most bangable UNCONVENTIONALLY HOT celebs. Jack White is unconventional - no one disputes that, but if only you could attend a concert or listen to an album. I'm sure you'd see things from my perspective. Some claims were made against him by Clem, like he looked like someone who wouldn't shower, or be nice to women. In defense of my rockstar boyfriend I'd just like to point out that Renee Zellweger dated him for a very long time and she doesn't look like someone who would date a dirty boy. 2nd - he is now married to a model (I won't use the term supermodel, b/c that is applied to liberally) As for being mean to women, no man writes songs from a feminine sensibility better than he.

Anyway, the point of this is that the White Stripes have a new album coming out soon, but you can preview the whole thing on the UK's MTV:

I know you're all dying to listen to it, so I'll let you get to it!



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