Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Fake Monday

So I was "*cough cough* sick" yesterday (i.e. sitting out with my mom all day at home- unfortunately the first suntan lotioning on the year was not the greatest and ye olde armpits fronts are burnt as well as knees) so today is pretend Monday for me.

It's all the crappiness of going back to work without any of the caring.

The weekend was a lovely one. Since we got up at 4 am on Saturday and left then it also seemed much longer than 3 days.

Saturday I flew up to the homestead and Mr. Darcy drove his jeep to his respective homestead. I, obviously, got there much earlier than he but that is how it needed to be since I had my wedding shower at 12:30. The wedding shower, by the way was lovely. It was a little odd to be the complete center of attention and also odd b/c there were some family members that I hadn't seen in about a decade who I obviously should know since they're family. Not to mention a couple of my mom's friend who I know about in name but wasn't quite able to hook the names to the faces without help. So unfortunately I froze and my mom mingled and then after awhile I did too but didn't really make it to everyone which I will have to rectify before the reception and all.

Also wasn't really prepared for opening (A LOT) of presents when they are ones that I picked out in the first place and then multiples of the same. What do you say at the 6th place setting that hasn't already been said? All I know is I'm super glad I don't need to open wedding gifts in front of the crowd.

Then I went to see La Sicilian's niece who I now believe is a fake baby b/c when "she" was sleeping it was a little too pretend especially for a "baby" that doesn't usually nap. Let me see... After the fake baby I went home and spent some time with the extended fam which stuck around after the shower then napped for a half an hour then up for dinner with fam and grandmother.

As always at home I then went out with my friends to ensure that I use at least 20 of the 24 hours in a day so I'm super useless by the end of my journey. And it was also La Sicilian's bday celebration. Very odd though, we were besieged by OJ's younger sister's friends who were SHIT FACED then decided to randomly come out to us. Not come out and come on to us- but we're like "yeah did you know I was gay. Because I'm gay right. Gay gay gay gay gay." We were mostly of the response of "yeah that's great. Why don't you kids get yourselves some more gin and tonics and stop falling all over us." It got old real quick. SO by the time they finally left us we finally convinced OJ to go to a bar around the corner from her house so she could walk home if she wanted to (it's very hard to convince OJ to stay out at 12 [which is why we make her drive herself] so this was a monumentous occasion) so we haul ass out of Bar 1 and drive to Bar 2 only for me to take 3 steps in and realize I'd never closed my tab at Bar 1 which is a 5-10 minute drive away. So, OJ then bailed and La Sicilian and I head back to Bar 1, close out the tab, then talk in her driveway for 45 minutes about odds and ends.

What day am I on? SUNDAY. Sunday was crappy (the only thing we do at my house in the summer is sit by the pool so not having that to do is usually jarring) so we went to Shrek 3. It was good. Not great. Good. And wonder of wonders I thankfully didn't have anything to do that night except eat hot dogs and hamburgers with my mom and sister then watch Grease with my mom and rework the lyrics of "Sandy" to "Jazzy" and sing it to my dog.

Whoa BACK UP JACK. Saturday I had my trial hair and makeup before the shower [this is what happens when you get up at 4- details fades]. I have this problem where vendors show me things and I for some reason can't give suggestions to help except for gems like "no I don't want the curls all the way down- I don't want it to look like I'm waiting for a Beau to take me to cotillion". That's not language that everyone understands. But it looked good overall and we have pictures to show just how I want it but I'm going to add I want that hair slightly more "natural" and "textured" and the make up a little "dewey". ANYWAY. Back to Sunday. Actually that's all that happened Sunday. >> to Monday.

Monday we went wedding shoe shopping and found a 2 INCH (block) HEEL for me which is higher than I thought I would go but I tried to webble wooble on the block heel and I didn't fall down. HOORAY! I then sat out in the sun and we know that armpits and knees didn't fare so well (neither did some boobage areas either, to be honest). Then incredibly Mr. Darcy met me at BWI in the jeep the same time I was getting out of baggage so yay to no waiting!

And that was my weekend. Now I'm too sleepy to write anymore so I'm going to play internet for awhile until yoga then have some lunch then maybe just maybe I'll write more.


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