Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just so you all are aware...I've decided what I want to do when I grow up. I've applied to my local University w/ an art program to study photography. I've also registered myself for a conference for professional photographers in Memphis next month. I know I know I'm not professional yet or even proficient yet, but they told me that didn't matter. And if I don't learn things like how to be more profitable in my soon to be cottage industry, at least I get to stay in a swank Memphis hotel that boasts a duck parade. Who doesn't love trained ducks? Well, prolly not The Future Mrs. Darcy or Clem since we never see eye to eye on small woodland creatures.

It's very freeing to finally give myself permission to pursuit something just b/c I want to and not b/c I think it's the responsible thing to do. I should really be thanking Pop for making me think that someone might actually be willing to pay me to take pictures. So guess what you all are getting for Christmas....that's right, student art! Clear some wall space.

Also, Rhett and I are speaking with a high risk OB from STL on a conference call Thursday. We will hopefully get answers which will aid in the 'to try or not to try' question looming over our heads. I'll keep you posted.



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