Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Topic: Grey's

okay so stream of conscienceness here, but Mrs. Belding made me watch "Catch & Release" with her newly discovered celebrity crush Timothy Olyphant and the chick protagonists' name was Gray. And I thought "huh, unorignal" then I found it irritating b/c Gray's dead fiance was supposed to be name Grady. Gray and Grady - who comes up with this shit?

I stopped watching Grey's when The O.C. announced it was in it's last season. The O.C. won out in the 8:00 CST time slot for Scarlett's tv viewing. But, more than Meredith, I dislike Izzy. Yeah, yeah, she was funny-ish in "Knocked Up" but there is something I don't like about her. Cristina, I concur, is fan-effing-tastic. Dr. McDreamy - is cute, but I hear in real life is kinda a wienie. (Did I spell wienie right?) McSteamy - Don't Get It. And thank God I didn't see the spin off w/ Dr. Redhead for lack of name, b/c I'd have said they jumped the shark!

So as for ABC's line up:
I'm done w/ Greys
I'm loving Ugly Betty on dvd
I don't care / know about anything else



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