Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay so maybe I more than occasionally drift above the speed limit. And yeah, sometimes I talk on the phone or change radio stations while driving my manual speed, but I swear I wasn't doing any of those things.....okay so maybe I was talking on the phone, but for the record that is a perfectly legal task while driving in the great state of Kentucky, AAANNNDDD.... it was only because of some acronym of which TFMD labeled some old mix cds and I couldn't remember the name of that I was on the phone in the first place, trying to identify the acroynm "GSIAA parts 1 & 2," but I swear that had NOTHING to do with how that semi side swiped me. Honestly.

I was not passing on the shoulder. I was in a proper lane with the blinking indicating my direction of turn. I was perfectly in the right. Then KEEEEEEE-RUNCH.

I have learned the following things:
1.) It is not necessary to preface emergency phone calls home with "Are you busy?"
2.) Kentucky state troopers are some of the most polite police officers I've ever met.
3.) Progressive provided excellent customer service thus far.
4.) Mitsubishi Eclipse is a death trap on the highway.
5.) GSIAA stands for: G.S. Is An Asshat! (Clue: think I.T. of our old office)



Blogger the fabulous mrs. darcy said...

I would actually say it was of a SCRUUUU-RUNCH. Kind of the blending of lots of metal scratching together and then crunching in.

Or at least that's what it sounded like to me.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Thanks for sharing your account of my accident, though I kinda feel like it will forever be shared as "our" accident.

Awhh! How sweet we have an "our accident", do we also have our own song and our own tree with initials KSO'HHKB hearts TFMD enclosed in a bigger heart?

10:42 AM  

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