Thursday, December 20, 2007

What up kids, I have exactly 12 minutes before I must start sealing and stamping 115 Xmas cards for the theatre. I made a deal with myself that if last night I watched Stardust (starring my non-twin Claire Danes & Charlie Cox) that I'd have to do the Xmas cards this morning. This is my last day in the office before heading to STL for a week. Too much to do.

I have been a very busy beaver removing yet more wallpaper and plastering and painting, this time in the upstairs foyer or "hallway" to which my more pedestrian husband refers. I have plans to create a gallery space out of closet doors. This, I believe, was inspired by Christopher Lowell whose show offered countless ideas on how to cameoflage everything unsightly with fabric. More details to come when the plan solidifies in my head.

I promise I'll take some pics soon. I think I was afraid to take pics of the progress for fear that you'd think we live like crack whores. I mean we do, but...

okay 3 minutes left!

Um, in STL we'll be catching up with my bff from high school. Also, we have tix to a Blues game with the fam. And we plan to stop by Crate & Barrel to visit our couch, Petrie.

That's it! I'm outie 5000


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