Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Morning Angels!

I have decided that Maggie Gyllenhaal is just a touch too whacked out to my celebrity icon. And though I have been going back and forth with Nora Zehetner's (who was briefly on Heroes and apparently on Everwood but I never saw that so in my mind she's the girl who could influence what you think on Heroes that died last year) hair. I like it but I fear it's the "I want to undergo plastic surgery and have my face and hair changed" I experience after watching Amelie.

As you can see I want to be some sort of possibly french pixie. Problem with that is that unfortunately my head is not shaped like theirs and I fear I would look like a scary bobble head with a pixie cut.

SO then in a moment of weakness I turned my attentions to Joey Potter/Katie Holmes/Posh Spice depending on who you talk to.Which is a huge error because my hair isn't straight nor do I have an army of stylists.
My hair is wavy. Not like Felicity amazing curly/wavy but more like... hmmm...

More like Bellatrix Lestrange (even though that still was taken from
Sweeny Todd not Harry Potter).

So today I thought I decided that Rachel Weisz was going to be my new style icon. I love
the Constant Gardener even though it was me sitting on the floor bawling hysterically for 4 hours- it was a good movie. She's friends with Narciso Rodríguez and Donna Karan but looking at pictures it's all awards wear and strangely I have not been on any premiere or award show lists lately. But she's very cute and seems to embrace her paleness and makes me want to wear red lipstick although not too much she does have darker hair which I believe makes it easier to pull off. Note- I am fully aware she is not wearing said lipstick in the below picture.
But my question to all of you was a) did you read and enjoy She's Come Undone b) did you read and enjoy Lovely Bones? c) did you see the Fountain and did you enjoy that?

If you've answered yes to a) your opinions are immediately discredited and you shouldn't feel obliged to answer the following questions. That is my litmus test for books.

I ask these because
Lovely Bones is being made into a movie with Rachel Weisz and the Fountain looked weird but interesting but apparently was booed at Cannes.

Slightly off topic but if anyone is free after work today could you find this dress (featured in
Atonement) and put it in my closet. Thanks!

I don't know where I was going with all of this since my I will now look to Rachel Weisz idea was a little discredited since all the pictures I see are in fancy clothes but I did find Keri Russell to really look amazing everywhere though I'm not quite sure how that will help me.

So I'll just awkwardly end this post... here.


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