Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh..What a weekend....
So. I know you are all dying to hear about my weekend stories. It's almost a novel. Sorry!

Fri Night: Skipped the concert I was supposed to go to, mainly due to the activities of Thursday night. Now, I 'd like to preface this by saying I was pressured into going out by J. because she wanted to go out with her latest crush, and he was bringing a friend, who was supposed to be "built and good looking". So off to the bar. I find J. and the guys. Her guy is pretty cute. The friend not so much. So it's a little weird- J. and her guy are flirting, and I am stuck with the weird guy. I order a strong drink.
I decide I need to take a walk and see what other options I have. At the corner of the bar, I see Plan B.

Conversation in my head:

"Perfect! This is my chance. Yes, yes this could be good. Oh....wait. Ugh, really."

Yes, he is talking to another girl.

"Really? She isn't even that cute. I am much cuter"

And we all know I am not the most self absorbed person out there. So you know she wasn't cute.

Anyway, I forget it. I text Jannanna and decide to meet her out. I gather up the three other fools I was with and we are off. I am crammed in the back of the car with weirdo. It's late, I'm annoyed (and drunk) and I just want to get to the next bar and have a beer. "Fri night boy is here"- yeah that's the text I get from Jannanna. Seriously. That's great.
I'm on a mission to locate him once I get there. I'm not going to approach him, but I just think that if I can keep an eye on him, I can avoid him.

We finally get there. Jannanna is NO help. I asked where we was-she refused to answer. She is drunk. I may be even drunker.

Last call. Thank God.
Go home and go to bed.

Sat night: Jannanna and I meet Lo and his friends. Get to the bar, late as usual. We need a shot. We order from the cute, and apparently gay, bartender. Lemondrop please.
I guess they ran out of lemons, because we got an orange. Whatever, it's alcohol.

"Um, Jannanna...Fri night boy is here."
"Yeah I saw him, but didn't want to say anything"

He is a total bar star. I knew this and yet I didn't think that I would be this unlucky to see him both nights.

So we take the shot.
Ugh, vodka. Take the orange. At this point, we both spit it out. Not only is it an orange, but it happens to be covered in salt, not sugar. This was possibly the nastiest shot I've ever had. Chasing with beer is not helping. This is great. I am fairly confident Fri night boy (who is going to be know as FNB from here on out) saw me spit that out. "Yeah I'm hot."

So after numerous shots and drinks, I make Jannanna my dating coach, but give her rules to start with:
Rule #1: I can't approach FNB first
Rule #2: There needs to be a good distance between me and FNB at all times
That's as far as I got.

The rules were followed. Last call. FNB came by and said hi. We talked for um, 2 mins? Awesome.
In the cab I try to get the scoop from Lo who knows FNB.
Now I am paraphrasing because I was a little tipsy:
Lo: "Yeah he told me Fri and again tonight that you guys hung out. I told him you were a cool girl"
This is open to interpretation.
"You gotta realize that all the girls he was talking with, we know them. We went to high school with them".
This comment was random.

Sun: No call or text from FNB.

And now it's Monday. I am suffeing from weekend lag.... at least I got some info from Lo to overanalyze over the week.

Anyone thoughts to feed my neuroses are more than welcome.

Word out.


Blogger Scarlett said...

I would just like to compliment Clementine's ability to squeeze two Urban Dictionary "Word of the Day"s in her latest blog entry. Good use of both "bar star" and "weekend lag." (Insert gold star here)

4:22 PM  

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