Tuesday, October 31, 2006

OK we need to keep you away from the E! News and the computer- Scarlett for I wanted to be the one to tell you STL was the most dangerous city around and possibly about Reese and Ryan.

Actually what I wanted to bring up is that in the Express is had a little teaser on the front page or the first page of what I think of as "the good part" (entertainment, beauty, bloglines, etc) is "Ryan and Reese Split". Now as ludicrous* as this might sound I thought of Ryan Seacrest first and momentarily thought- "who is Ree- wait it's Ryan Seacrest I don't care." Who mentions RYAN first?!? Sure, you're in Flags of our Fathers but really, we all know your wife is bread winner in that family. Well soon to be ex-wife.

Ok well now that my bit of news has been outed I shall go in search of newer greater things.

Happy halloween!

*Is it wrong that I originally spelled that "ludacris" and had to go on dictionary.com to find out that sure enough- that's how the rapper spells it but alas not the rest of the world.


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