Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a busy weekend with all the costumes, karaoke and what not!!!

I took my role as a sorceress in this Saturday's Renaissance Fair seriously. I created a background for my character. Polgara was my name; my father was a powerful wizard and my mother was a shape-shifter who spoke to me telepathically while I was in her womb. Method acting is exhausting, let me just tell ya! I channeled Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter. It was very easy to find info on sorcerers online, much of it was related to fantasy video games, like Warcraft....which I guess makes me as big of a dork as Rhett.

So, the town crier, William the Black, (like Gandolf the Grey, only taller) Merlin & me decided to have an impromptu game of Karaoke Revolution on Playstation. We dubbed it Karaoke Renaissance Revolution. This turned out to rival Karaoke Extravaganza parts 1, 2 & 3. Merlin, who in real life is known as the P-town Idol, went head to head with me on the muzak version of The Fugee's version of Killing Me Softly. I hate to admit it, but Merlin sang it with 98% accuracy, where I only sang it with 96% accuracy. I guess that's why he's the Idol and I only sing along with the tv. Poor Rhett tried his best. Sadly, during the team medley round, he was booed off of the stage, which ended his team's turn with zero points granted.

I live in a bubble and didn't realize we were to set our clocks back an hour, so all morning I was confused, but the extra hour was used advantageously at the Home Depot buying yard supplies. Growing up in apartments, and living the last 8 years in urban environments, I never had to rake & bag leaves or trim branches and I accomplished both today!! I feel like such a grown-up which translates to boring, but whatever! I was floating on a high of endorphines, brought on my hours of manual labor. I was feeling quite strong, so I ambitiously dug up a bush all by little ol' self! It's heavy as a mo fo but now it's done. Afterwards, I crashed on the couch falling into the deepest of slumbers. Finally forced to the abandon the couch for dinner, I found my muscles screaming in rebellion. I still have the side yard and the back yard....child labor may have to be employed in the future... maybe some neighbor kid could be swindled into bagging the backyard's leaves for a $1 a bag?



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