Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hey, I can't carry the burden of this here blog all by my lonesome....Clearly I'm a bit emotional so unless you guys give me something funny to write about you're going to continue to read crap about how my Dad took my kitten under the cloak of darkness and dropped him off in the middle of Maplewood, MO, but spent years repeating the lie that the cat was given to my aunt. She, an unwilling accomplice, couldn't look me in my tear-stained face, so she told me that my kitten didn't like her cat, so she gave it to her friend, where it was living happily. It was only around college when the truth was revealed. My dad passed with this heartbreak of mine unresolved. Oh, boo hoo, poor little 'ol me. Seriously, someone had better lighten the mood really soon!



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