Friday, November 17, 2006

Hello dahlings!

I will present my ideas in reverse chronological order.

Yesterday night I went to Cirque Du Soleil Corteo downtown with Mr. Darcy's company to entertain their clients. Last night was our night and the owner and his ex-wife/current roommate/baby momma will be going tomorrow. This only cemented the idea in my mind that despite my non-southern roots I will make a kick ass senator's wife if I'm ever needed to. Now, some of you will say, Future Mrs. Darcy, we live in a world where we have a female speaker of the house and have even had short lived tv series depicting women presidents- why do you just be senator? Now, person, that is a good question and I do enjoy lying out of both sides of my mouth and drinking heavily I feel my glib comments about hitting people with tire irons will be misconstrued by the media. Stupid media!

But I can totally be the crazy "forward" of a senator and make bold statements about gay marriage and women's rights and smile pretty without damaging Mr. Darcy's campaign. I can just see it now The Future Mrs. Senator Heinz-Kerry-Darcy.

UGH all I want is ketchup now. I should have had one of those somehow acceptable giant morning tater tots [hash browns- whatever!].

But Corteo-- AMAZING! I'm hereby requiring everyone to see a Cirque Du Soleil. This one was - I think - under the premise of a man attending his own funeral in a dreamlike state. It was crazy. It was like being in the coolest dream you ever had. And I can't remember the last time 3 hours went by so quickly. So go go go!

Also many of you may have heard my insanity tuesday with my boss about me not going back to work after the seminar in rockville... Quickly for the rest I live in place A which is an hour-ish away from where I work. I went to a seminar 10 minutes or so in the opposite direction from work until 12:30 (more like 1 when we got done with lunch) on Tuesday. When I asked if I could take personal day time to not go an hour back down to work, work for 2 hours then take an hour trip back my boss acted like I was asking for her to be a surrogate mother for triplets.

ANYWAY so I ended up taking the time off but sleeping most of the day. BUT what I DON'T THINK I MENTIONED WAS that night Mr. Darcy and I went to the movies [on a school night- I know- we crazy!] and saw The Departed. I like cop movies and movies with gun violence and Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson and laughing at Boston accents so needless to say I enjoyed it. Nothing groundbreaking but it was good fun. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY it gave me a new song to stomp around to.

You should all know that when Scarlett was here, she and Clem endorsed "Ring the Alarm" by Beyonce which I had seen in a MTV VMA clip awhile back and liked but was unsure about shelling out the 99 cents and giving it a spot on my ipod. Their guidance was justified and it is a great song. It makes me want to put on heels and runway walk like an angry Jay Alexander. It also apparently makes Scarlett clench her fists and yell at Rhett/Dwight to make her coffee. Now my new song is less diva-ish and more let's drink guinness and hit people over the head with barstools. This song [now featured on my myspace pages] is none other than the Dropkick Murphy's "I'm shipping up to Boston". Go ahead... Go listen. I'll wait.....



It's great isn't it. I hear it's different than most of their stuff but have not put the time or effort into finding out. Perhaps I shall today. But nonetheless I feel I'm starting to get boring so I will free you from your blog reading.

Senator Heinz-Kerry


Blogger Scarlett said...

Saw it in Las Vegas! You're right its an amazing show.

1:58 PM  

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