Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sorry for the double blog, it told me it didn't go through last night. Whoops. Naywho, just some things I have picked up on the road:

- never put the emergency brake on in a rental car unless you are 100% percent sure how to take it off

- if at all possible avoid getting the hotel room next to the group using theirs for registrations starting at 0530

- on the same early morning note, do check the alarm in the room even if you aren't going to use it, the person before you may have had it set for 3am on loud. (and it may seem a little neurotic to the front desk staff when you ask for a comment card suggesting that the maids disable all alarms as a part of their cleaning routine, but two mornings in a row waking up at 0600 to blaring country music in the empty room next door, just might change your mind)

- there is always someone running later than you (yes even you Clementine)

- just because the call it fresh fruit in the $12.oo breakfast buffet doesn't mean it is

- and my advice to all of you, there is something wonderful about learning to listen to your heart. I just finished reading The Alchemist, which I suggest to you. Being alone, being in the quiet and learning to filter through the constant stimuli that surrounds us is difficult, but mandatory if we want to grow as people. Each of us has our different ways that this inability manifests itself, and it is not my place to name yours nor yours to name mine, but the more we take the this quiet time to listen to our hearts, the stronger we will become

- ok that last one was probably a little deep for 0900, but you catch my drift?


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