Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stuipd Army! ME's dad officially received his orders and is going to Iraq for a year. He leaves around Jan. 22 or 25 or something for training and then conveniently leaves for Iraq sometime before our wedding and likely will not be able to come back to attend. Stupid, stupid Army! Now we are faced with the decision of continuing with our plans or canceling everything and quick throwing something together for January just for family so that he can be there. I am so upset and really don't know what to do. As much as I don't get uber-excited about the wedding planning, I am really looking forward to my wedding (see previous entry re: paper samples). However, isn't it really about family and shouldn't it be more important that his dad be there than me having my friends there? Stupid, stupid Army! This is one of those times where if I was religious I would type "WWJD" but since I am far from religious, and think those bracelets are DUMB, I can't rely on JC and therefore must turn to my friends at 3 o'clock candy for advice. Stupid, stupid Army - how I HATE you so for fucking up my plans every chance you get !! (insert string of expletives here)


Blogger Scarlett said...

First off, for those who aren't religious may I suggest replacing WWJD with WWTFSMD, which stands for What Would The Flying Spaghetti Monster Do. I suggest to those not offended by religious satire, that they google it.

As for advice on what you should do about the wedding...I think you and ME have to make that decision. It's a hard one, but maybe you can find a way to compromise. Perhaps have a ceremony in January with a delayed reception in May or something.

Good luck.

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