Thursday, December 07, 2006

Una cerveza por favor!

As you can tell I am back but so badly wish I was not here. Mexico was fantastic and the weather was beautiful! ME and I arrived on Friday and after getting our stuff settled in the room, promptly stopped at the bar and ordered pina coladas b/c fruity drinks are a necessity while in Mexico. The vacation itself was really pretty uneventful. We only left the resort once to go in to Playa del Carmen and if you’ve never been there, you really aren’t missing much. It was nothing special. I kept looking at sarongs and little flowy dresses commenting how they would be so nice for the honeymoon but never actually purchased one. Most of our time was spent in the pool or on the beach or at the pool by the beach. When in the pool we often found our way over to the pool bar and enjoyed a few cervezas there. We took a boat tour of the property – which has lots of canals and a river running through it. The canals are man made and are surrounded by mangroves. Apparently there are a few crocodiles but we didn’t see any. Those of you who actually saw all 209 pictures (I was experimenting with the camera settings) know how beautiful the property was.

The wedding was lovely, the food was good and the drinks were strong. Mom and I did get in to a fight eventually but I think things are ok now. I’m really not sure. We aren’t talking about it and apparently are just pretending it didn’t happen.

As for everything else in my life, it’s there. I received paper samples before leaving last week and now feel that I need opinions of others to decide which paper to use. How many different paper types are too many? The invitation and response card will be one, and then I have the accommodations, driving directions and menu selections. Can I use up to three different paper types or is that too much? Does anybody actually give a shit? TFMD – we may need to sit down because I need your expert opinion. I feel that once I return from ND for Christmas I must focus myself and actually begin working more on this wedding. Lucky me.

That’s enough for me for now. I have work to catch up on but wanted to drop my two cents in to the mix. Lastly, as for work, at one point or another we all have jobs we hate. While I enjoy my current position, I must admit there are aspects of my old job that I miss but please do NOT think that means I pine for my old job, coworkers and employer – I most definitely do not. For now, I like what I do well enough, it pays the bills, but I have NO idea what I want to be when I grow up. I think we all go through periods like this. TFMD – you have amazing talents and if your employer can’t recognize how smart and talented you are then it’s their loss. You need to be allowed to let your “creative juices flow.” That sounds dirty to me which means it’s time for me to wind this up.

Adios amigas!


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