Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holy crap. Why do I do this? I don't even recall what my last post was. Please please please have updated since xmas. Vague recollection of bitching about boss... Hold please. AWESOME. Ok.

So was sick sick sick last week. Lots of blowing noses which has left my much-abused nose-skin pealing off at the moment- it's totally the new look of 07! Enter Claritin. Now I have no allergies [must find wood, must find wood... Ok and now knocking] so I'm not familiar with what seems to be the most expensive drug in CVS. Claritin is fabulous. Day and Nyquil are (as the commercial states) not as effective anymore but Lordy that Claritin works. The only side effect I can find though is that I don't sleep well with it and it's 24 hour so it's not like I can find a better time to take it.

So. [must find point or direction to story]. Ok. So with the help of Claritin, Mr. Darcy and I went to NY for NYE. We didn't go to midtown as we usually do since that friend realized he wouldn't make it back in time for NYE so we had our fun with La Sicilian in Astoria. We went out and met her new boy on Saturday night then slept in (she got up early and cooked all day-- ugh so guilty for not getting up as well-- but I couldn't see the clock so I didn't realize how late it was...arg) then got up and did some errands in Astoria and watched a lot of tv. OJ and her boyfriend came as well as La Sicilian's new boy and we had ourselves a dinner party. Now shortly before everyone arrived there was worry (on the part of Mr. Darcy and La Sicilian) that we wouldn't have enough booze. We had (I believe) 6 or 7 bottles of wine and 4 bottles of champagne plus around a case of beer for 8 people for dinner then just the 6 of us after. I scoffed saying we had more than enough.

We ate very yummy food and played cranium which Mr. Darcy and I had never played before but bought for the occasion. Mr. Darcy and I did not win which is basically ridiculous and the result of unfortunate rolling but whatevs. We love it and hereby invite all of you to come over and play. So drinking and fun and more drinking (but not heavily in my mind... Can you tell this is all leading somewhere???) and we watch the ball drop and take pictures and call our families and more fun and then break out Taboo which is one of my all-time favorite games which I was paired with OJ's BF b/c it would be an unfair advantage to have the girls vs. guys as we originally thought. We played Taboo and talked until like 4 and all packed into La Sicilians room to sleep. Mr Darcy and I on the futon, La Sicilian and new boy in her loft bed and OJ and her BF on the floor. Due to a great deal of snoring from OJ's BF in our room (he's a smoker of all things you can smoke which results in very uneven insane snoring) and snoring in La Sicilian's roommates rooms (who gone OUT to parties and came back in scores of people in the wee hours) and the Claritin- I did not sleep very well.

So not sleeping... Slight headache... Getting very warm... People finally get up... We're talking a bit and reviewing pictures and I get up and say "I think I'm going to be sick. I think I'm going to be sick RIGHT NOW" and turn around and go into the wee bathroom off of La Sicilian's room. That began a 5 hour vomitting stretch for me. At this time I will mention that we only drank 5 bottles of wine, one and a half of champagne and 2 beers-- for the 6 of us. I had wine, a little champagne, no beer, and a couple of waters for the record. I don't believe I was drunk when I went to bed. None the less I spent 5 hours puking in front of Mr Darcy, La Sicilian, OJ and OJ's BF (thankfully La Sicilian's boy had already left).

Mr Darcy and I left around 3:30 and hit traffic in NJ and THE ENTIRE FUCKING STATE OF DELAWARE. I was not able to hold my head up until the nightmare of Delaware and only ate 5 cold left over fries from Mr. Darcy until about 10 that night. I am still not 100% today although look very nice in my new Christmas clothes from my mom.

I do not know what is wrong with me. I apparently am not able to get anywhere near drunk b/c the next 24 hours plus is hell on earth. I pull muscles in my back and stomach from wretching so violently. SO. I am detoxing the month of january. Diet coke is my new drug of choice so if I see any of you in fabulously smoke free city of DC in the next 31 days (I LOVE YOU ADRIAN FENTRY!!!!!! AND SO DOES MY NEW CLOTHES, SINUSES AND HAIR!!!!) be prepared for me drinking DC- my original Dark Mother and aspartame be damned.


Blogger Scarlett said...

So you're the first to go alchi free in 07. I had my money on Clem or Pop.

12:18 PM  
Blogger popodopalous said...

Thought you knew me better...

1:59 PM  
Blogger Clementine said...


Although after the last week- I may need to take a break.

3:23 PM  

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