Friday, January 12, 2007

I wish I was a little bit taller; I wish I was a baller...

I know the contributors of 3 o'clock candy are die hard hip hop fan - you know you ride dirrty (that's with two 'R's) wearing your chain hangin' low while you lean back as you pull up your pants.

Ripped from Stereogum:

Who Killed Hip-Hop?

Taking Nas's last album title at face value, the list-lovers at Blender rank that which may be to blame (via Prefixmag):

10. Young MC
09. The Double Disc
08. The 1985 Chicago Bears
07. The Remix
06. Public schools
05. Michael Jordan
04. Nas
03. Diddy
02. White People
01. 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G.
Granted, they're going for hyperbole and humor (reason for #1: "Hip-hop's two most venerated artists can also be credited with the popular expansion of its Rollie-waving, Cristal-swilling Vice Rap derivative, giving rise to club bankers like Petey Pablo and Fabolous"), but that doesn't excuse forgetting Will Smith.

Any opinions on the topic? Speaking of which, is anyone willing to admit that they've watched the trash television The White Rapper Show? You all can't see this, but my hand is shamefully raised.



Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

Now I may be the #2 problem- what with listening to Ridin Dirrty on my way Balducci's to get some dry red wine for my fondue recipe (true story) but let me just say that I've been sucked into VH1 more than usual lately (NOT to watch white rapper show- I kind of lost interest in reality tv after the 1st season of apprentice [except for amazing race like shows]) and I have re-awoken my love for Salt-n-Pepa. At any given moment in time you should be able to stop any woman between 21 and 34, give her a mic and say "sing 'Shoop'" and by God she should be able to.

10:09 AM  
Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

Oh and re: yesterday comments- I can't remember exactly where I first saw it- I'm thinking But before posting I did a quick google search for "Scarlett Johanson and JT" and came up with several articles to make sure I hadn't hallucinated it in the first place.

10:17 AM  

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