Monday, January 08, 2007


My mom recommended "The Glass Castle" to me and I have just finished reading it and am fully ready to give it as a recommendation to you all.

It is about the incredibly insane upbringing of the author but FEAR NOT it is somehow non depressing unlike some books by Wally Lamb that I hate more than any other book in the world and if i had a copy i would burn it on principal for COMPLETELY RUINING MY SUMMER IN 2002!!! THE BOOK RUINED MY WHOLE FRIGGIN SUMMER. But this is not like that book. That horrible horrible book. The Glass Castle is genuinely good and thought provoking and interesting. I believe all of you would like it and I'm including a picture of the cover because I like book covers in general.

[*edit to add- i've made the first mention of the book a link in case you want to find a better description/review that i have given]


Blogger Scarlett said...

OMG - I thought I was alone in my opinion that Wally Lamb sucks. He ruined MY summer vacation to Cape Cod thank you very much Oprah Winfrey for putting him on your book club....

10:37 PM  
Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

I actually know several people who DETESTED "She's Come Undone" which is the Lamb atrocity that I read.

The one person who liked it and is the one who recommended it to me was all "he writes so perfectly from a woman's perspective". Every time I begin to think about responding to that I start foaming at the mouth. That person is banned for life on book recommendations.

10:34 AM  

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