Monday, January 08, 2007

I understand why some people avoid hospitals- really I do.

You go in with one problem and come out with another.

Sat night around 2am my dad calls to tell me danny is back in the hospital. All day he had a high fever. When he went to bed, my parents made him check it again (it was 103) my dad said you need to go to the hospital, so my brother is getting changed when he gets sick. Apparently you get some spidey sense about these things when you are a parent.

It turns out he has an infection. The CT scan showed some mass where the appendix was. They are giving him high doses of drugs in hopes that the infection (which is possibly a fungus) will move together and than it can be sucked out through a needle. Hopefully the antibiotics work, otherwise he may need another surgery.

This time around he is in the pediatric unit; there was a shortage of beds so they stuck him in there. I actually think that this is good. He gets a private room, the nurse to patient ratio is probably better and nurses are probably a little nicer/empathetic.

So it's just a guessing game at this point- an infectious disease dr came in yesterday to rule out parasites and to see if the infection is something he picked up at the hospital, and today a gastro dr is supposed to stop in and check on him. That might be more info than you needed. Sorry.

I'm not a big religious person, but please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. I'll keep you all updated.



Blogger Scarlett said...

You got my support Clem. I'll be wishing for a speedy recovery for your brother.

Hang in there - we love you!


5:28 PM  

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