Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Cross your fingers for networking has paid off in a potential non-retail job. I'm not quite clear as to the job description, or pay or benefits but I would be assisting the owner of a (play) theatre and the box-office manager. Maybe then, if I'm nice, they'll take pity on me and give me some walk on roles. I have experience as "girl in green dress" during my high school performance of After Dark, originally a film starring Audrey Hepburn.

My would be bosses are stopping by my house in 45 minutes to chat. They both live down the street. I've never had a job interview while sitting in jeans in my kitchen, but hey, that's P-town for you!



Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes! Now your kitchen really reminds me of Desperate Housewives. You should make coffee. :)

6:41 PM  

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