Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Superfluous Use of Punctuation: Effusions of a Music Snob

Panic! At The Disco....why don't I like you? You seem to meet my standard criteria of young androgenous boys with asymetrical hair cuts, guyliner and a panache for theatrics, but yet I still don't like you. Brandon Flowers of The Killers does your schtick so much better albeit only slightly less contrived. Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters is a genius stage performer - Panic! here is my advice, take in a show and learn from a master.

I feel that you are a one trick pony - you'll be gone soon enough. Just like Blink-182 and Dashboard Confessionals - thank the flying spaghetti monster that we don't have to listen to that crap anymore while shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch.

Oh, but you get kudos for having a really great band name.

Original blog material not copied and pasted from my MySpace blog...
I'm such a cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

I should mention that I had a very public fall today. In the mall. In front of a ga-gillion people. Now my knee hurts like a mo-fo. I feel that I should preface that I was stone sober. So in case anyone is counting that would be two bad bruises acquired in less than a week. People, I have fair skin, bruises appear much worse on me than everyone else except The Future Mrs. Darcy, who I know knows where I'm coming from. It looks like Rhett beats me!

Ummm....so last night we had The Beldings and their extended family over for a big ol' pot of chili. YUMMERS! Afterward we had neighbors over, and for like the umpteenth time I feel regret for drinking too much and being an ass. Why oh why don't I do what TFMD did and put a moratorium on drinking?? Oh, that's right cause I'm an alcoholic...

I don't got a problem, you got a problem...

Post Script-
On Tuesday I will report my opinions on the Golden Globes and discuss the upcoming Oscars.


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