Monday, February 12, 2007

So, how funny that you went to Brickskellar, because Rhett was there on Friday night. He was in town for the Annual Meeting of which my invite was over looked and I am now too cheap to pay for a plane ticket for less than 3 days. I had to drive him to Nashville on Thursday and then turn around an pick him up from Nashville on Saturday. He had a guys night on Thursday which involved too much liquor at Joe Theismans and I'm sure the only reason TFMD wasn't invited for an impromptu gathering in Old Town after work was b/c Rhett had only the night before bought a "pay as you go" cell phone and hadn't programmed it with your number. Yes, the man who argued for years about the necessity of a cell had to cave and get his own. I couldn't be without mine seeing as how I had a two hour drive through the most unpopulated but highly fertilized land in Western KY.

Saturday night we attended a b-day party at the neighbors, as you can all see from my MySpace pics. It was fun, but I distinctly remember reminiscing about high school with a room full of people, like that time I had a breast reduction because I couldn't fit into any homecoming dresses. Like that is info that anyone NEEDS to know.

I don't have much else on the news front...I've just been working my little jobs and watching Netflix. Oh, I guess the only other interesting thing to say is that our friends that you met at the shower...the wife landed a sweet job in Tokyo so they are moving to Japan in about 6 months. Our plan is to save every penny we come across and go visit sometime in 2008 - Maybe for my 30th b-day. I had to remind Rhett of the improbability of his running into Scarlett Johanson in Japan.



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