Monday, April 16, 2007

Just a short posting before I go to bed.

My coworkers and I play a "game" at work called Where am I happy I don't work today? In the past the list has included the Dept. of Justice and Menu Foods. Today, Virginia Tech was added to the list. Sitting here tonight watching Massacre at Virginia Tech on NBC, my heart breaks and my eyes well up with tears. Working on a college campus, and having a fiance who is in class all day, today's events have freaked me out. I don't blame the security or administration at VT for what happened. I don't like that the media makes them look like they are partially to blame. I have no idea how my university would have notified me of something like this when I was in school and I think that under the circumstances, the rescue personal, campus police/security and university administration handled the situation the very best they could. Still, my heart breaks for every single student on that campus. My coworkers' son goes to school there and I saw the fear in her eyes today - and we knew her son was ok. Imagine the fear for the parents who couldn't get a hold of their children or worse yet, those who lost their son or daughter today. The full scope of today's events is overwhelming. I hope you will all keep the families of the students at Virginia Tech, and the students themselves, in your prayers.

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Good point Margeaux!

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