Sunday, April 15, 2007

Up to now.

What I have done since dropping Mr. Darcy off at the airport for his conference. Considered going to Tyson's but decided instead to Georgetown mostly due to the lure of Paper Source. Walk all around Georgetown try on dresses at Zara. Ew- bad idea. Swing dresses are not for me. No other suitable dresses are found much to my dismay. Return home in search of food. Oooh I'll just watch that America's Next Top Model that I taped before I left. Just for something to do while I decide what to eat. Oh it's a marathon? Well it's silly but I'll just watch another. Hmm i feel like ice cream. Ugh only a half scoop left? I'll throw in the last of the Reese Pieces Butter Cup single from Halloween. Mmmmm. Goddamn these girls are stupid as fuck. They don't know the word "magenta" much less "Hermes" has a silent H?!?!? Come on. I totally need to stop watching this. Oh crap. Phone call from friend who's website I didn't finish up on friday. Whoops. Let that one go to voicemail. Try vainly to fix it only to realize I need programs at work. Oooh all of the invitation things I was looking at before are up on my computer. WOW Janice Dickenson is crazy. I consider starting my invitations. Finding a new sewing project. Planning an elaborate dinner. Finishing up that sweater I started forever ago. Cleaning and organizing the apartment. Ok i totally need to stop watching ANTM this is crazy. Wow they're going to South Africa and dressing up like animals. Awesome! Keeyna really is eating a lot. Hmm consider bulimia. Requires too much effort. Damn you ice cream! Start participating in the competitions. Still can't believe these girl cannot seem to talk. My 15 year old sister could perform better under pressure and sound more intelligent. Get angry b/c I know Naima wins in the end and I reallllly prefer Kahlen though I assume it's just b/c she is totally Carmen Cass. I HAVE GOT TO LEAVE. Turn off tv in a fit and run out of the apartment. Realize how hard it is to "pop your back" while driving but try for Ciara. End up in the second Anthropologie of the day and try on another horrible dress where I end up looking like a mild maid someone stole to be a virgin sacrifice. Ugh. Go to little store and get provisions. Come back to the apartment careful not to let the cable box go on lest the ANTM drag me in again. Each copious bruschetta and watch Bend it Like Beckham that's been floating around my backpack for the last month and a half. Awesome. This is totally what I need since Stick It sucked a couple of months ago. And i will second Scarlett's "I totally need to find a way to watch the Tutors". And is it just me or does Jonathan Rhys Meyers look stoned ALL THE TIME!? Open your eyes boy! Thank god ANTM is no on anymore. Oooh Princess Diaries! Feel slightly awkward drinking while watching the Disney Channel even though it is only Miller Lite. And why isn't she in a fairytale!? What the hell is happening. This is not the movie I thought. Oooh Julie Andrews is great though but Law and Order is calling. Yay! Mr. Darcy is safe in Cali!! Oh I'm sleepy. It's only 11 on a saturday but... who's cares!? Woo-hoo bedtime!!! Wake up in the middle of the night. Don't look at the clock don't look at the clock... shit. 2:54 am. Greeeaaaat. The exact time the girl wakes up in Exorcism of Emily Rose. Turn on lights. Put on glasses. Not as scared as in the past. Ok. Game plan: sleep with glasses on and lights on. Wake up every a couple of minutes at every little sound. It's raining hard outside. There are lots of little sounds. Yada yada yada. Read a little. Yada yada yada. Finally fall back asleep around 5. Wake up around 12:30 when Mr. Darcy calls before his conference starts. Hooray! Still raining. Consider cleaning. Consider making elaborate food. Write on computer for hour. Nearly passing out due to hunger. Rye bread in the other room calls.


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Don't be shy about secretly liking ANTM. I am still catching up on last week's marathon courtesy of MTV. Nothing like mind numbing TV to kill your brain cells. Think the 3/4 of bottle of red zin I drank yesterday helped too.

9:45 AM  

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