Monday, May 21, 2007

I should not be blogging, but instead showering and bringing out the pretty to arrive at my salon appointment (but perhaps a little shopping before). This is much like cleaning before a maid arrives. I just don't want Nicole, my hairdresser, to think that I live slovenly even though I live slovenly.

My weekend as follows:

Friday night Rhett and I ate dinner and began a new series for us: Weeds. Very Good. Then we decided to walk around the mall for a few minutes because that is where the Starbucks is located.We went home so Rhett could meet his online D&D buddies for a rowzing game of WOW! I occupied myself with some unfinshed projects.

Saturday night we (meaning Rhett and the Beldings) headed down to a gallery opening for one of Mrs. Belding's college classmates from art school. It was a good show and funny to hear Mrs. Belding's inside jokes that from an outsider sound like another language. Then we returned to their house where they thankfully provided us w/ dinner since I have not shopped in days, to avoid spoiled food in my fridge during my trip. It was there that I received the "Ginger Spice" question from TFMD. Thank goodness Mrs. Belding knew the answer.

Sunday I had a fussy moment w/ my bathroom floor. I literally and unrationally cried and spewed forth how much I hate my house while scrubbing the floor on hands and knees. For the record, I'm chalking this up to a little thing called PMS. This morning I do not hate my house. We've reconciled.

In the evening I had to peruse a bookstore since 1) I'd watched all my Netflix 2) read both of my library books 3) three hours until bedtime. So we went to the bookstore and splurged on the 2nd overpriced coffee drink of the weekend. I found two books on the clearance rack that will either be really good, or really bad, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Now I really must shower.

See you all really soon.


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