Sunday, April 29, 2007

7 Days into my detox

I really should look at the calendar closer next time I plan one of these months of abstinence. Today is a significant day, my mom would have been 51 years old today. Coincidentally, my dad died 9 years ago today. I usually spend this day listening to Nancy Wilson on vinyl, looking at old photographs, telling Rhett stories that he's heard a million times and getting drunk. Instead I worked all day and came home to a lovely new fresh coat of paint in my to-be spare bedroom. I realize that I failed to capture the fugliest wallpaper ever on camera b/f Rhett painted. Oh well ce' la vie!

I also realized that a sober Scarlett wakes up on a Sunday morning feeling - actually rested! It's amazing.

Pics of the room to be posted soon.



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