Friday, October 26, 2007

Responses, an Open Letter to Gremlins, and Movies I've seen Recently
- only not in that order.

1) An Open Letter to Gremlins:

Dear Gremlins,

I know you have a job to do and what not but stop stealing my emery boards and tweezers. It is totally not cool and pisses me off to no end. I know you like returning the tweezers to insane places like my sweater drawer to make me completely insane and this is the reason I have approximately 2.6 billion pairs of tweezers. This kind of freaks guests out when they visit as well because no one should have a pair of tweezers in every nook and cranny. Conversely you seem to hoard all of the emery boards in your secret Gremlin lair. Now I don't know what you may be doing with all of them, and frankly I don't really care, but surely you don't need every last one ESPECIALLY the 5 sided one that I use with the little buffer side that my mom got me.

So give it fucking back.


2) Movies I've seen lately:
  • Annapolis: sucked, and i can usually handle sucky movies but this may the suckiest movie to ever have sucked.
  • 4 Brothers: though i didn't see this entirely i'm confident in reporting it sucked as well
  • The Family Stone: It was ... okay. It tried. I cried but then again I cry when cute puppies frolic on TV or when anyone else on TV cries or says the word "cry" so they can't really use that as proof of involvement.
  • Shut Up and Sing: the Dixie Chicks documentary. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Dixie Chicks and I could be best friends. Although middle/southern of the U.S. scares the shit out of me. More than I knew it could and cemented why Mr. Darcy and I realized the MD/VA border was as south as we are able to handle.
  • An Inconvenient Truth: This was part of a "I'm home alone and somehow getting free movie channel cable" with the previous movies and was interesting but a lot of info to take in on the tail end of such a movie filled weekend.
  • Across the Universe: Amazing. Loveloveloved it! Scarlett- your new celeb crush awaits you.
  • Green Street Hooligans: This movie kicked ass. Mr. Darcy and I want to join a football firm and throw bricks at others and speak in all sorts of crazy slang and drink and watch matches and wear zip up Adidas track suits but politely request that no one throw bricks at us or attempt to hurt us in any way. Oh and I was wondering if I could get the tattoo slightly smaller and in a less conspicuous place.
  • A small clip from the really old Pride and Prejudice: from the 10 seconds I did watch it kind of sucked. Laurence Olivier- you may have married Vivian Leigh but you are no match for Colin and Matthew.
3) Responses:

I think I'm the only person who kind of roots for Meredith in Grey's. I like everyone although the George/Izzy thing is kind of gross in an incestuous sort of way. And i super hate what I have seen of Meredith's stupid annoying sister who (some of you may note) was Pacey's stupid annoying suicidal OCD girlfriend and the sister of the gay character who's name I can never remember. If she does anything with McDreamy-- well let's just say i won't be responsible for what happens. And sure, that's probably b/c i won't do anything except bitch to the next person that brings it up but whatever. Oh and that reminds me I probably should read up on the last 2 or 3 episodes i've missed on We didn't have DVR until this week. And then last night it was stupid baseball and i was already taping other things....

And second response: I'm going as Alicia Grissom from the 1st Batman (Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson/Kim Bassinger version). Alicia was Jerry Hall's character- who was the mob doll who got scarred by acid. Woo-hoo!

Here's a link:

And speaking/writing of that- considering halloweenish things are coming up-- ooooh TOMORROW- Mr. Darcy and I better get our asses in gear and go a-costume-shopping today.



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