Monday, October 29, 2007

I have no idea when I last actually wrote and filled anyone in on my going ons. Maybe because there isn't so much going on in my life. However, I can fill ya'll in on the mundane and boring but first must ask that Mrs. Darcy share her address with us. Perhaps not on this forum but in some other format (i.e. email) would be appreciated.

As for my life - it is there. It is ordinary and not exciting and I'm ok with that. I am going to Wisconsin this weekend to see my friends which will be nice. Planned the trip around MJ's 30th birthday. Between babies and parties, I don't foresee a lot of sleep in my future this weekend and expect to be exhausted and slightly crabby come Sunday.

Unfortunately, I will need to play nice and happy on Sunday because my aunt and uncle will be in town this weekend and I will be having dinner with them on Sunday. Should be interesting.

Let's see - what else? So not exciting but a short story to share. Got home from work last Monday and almost flipped the fuck out. I looked up at our apt. and noticed that shockingly we were missing the screen from our bedroom window. There was the curtain flapping outside in the wind like it was totally normal. Found the screen next to the office but we were unable to put it back in and then as Mr. K tried, he dropped it again - 3 stories - and managed to break it more than it already was. Now you may be wondering how a screen falls 3 stories out of a window. I have no concrete answer for you but I have an idea. And that idea has to do with one crazy ass kitten who likes to scratch and push on the screen. Since she was still in the apt. alive and not lying dead on the ground I have no proof but think it's a safe assumption.

So now to respond to other's posts/questions. In no particular order:

  1. I am not going as anything for Halloween. I hate Halloween.
  2. Grey's. I tried cheering for Meredith. I really did. I wanted her to get her shit together and make it work. McDreamy is perfect and I wanted it to work. Now I often want to reach through the TV and punch her. I get it - she has abandonment issues. My response - GET THE F OVER IT! I still like her and try to root for her but she makes it hard
    1. I like Christina but I'm getting tired of her calling her interns by numbers. I know she wants to be the new nazi but she's not and no matter how she tries she'll never be.
    2. George/Callie/Izzy. First I'd like to point out that completely unintentionally I have a cat named George and a cat named Callie. My friend has a cat named Izzy. We discussed putting the 3 of them together to fight it out and decide who lives but decided that was not worth it. Anywho, I'm torn on this issue. I don't mind George and Izzy together so much. It's not like she's got a lot of other options and they are best friends. However, I don't feel bad for her at all or agree with her position since she is a homewrecker.
  3. Scarlett freaking out and being neurotic. You are a very talented photographer. You really need to stop questioning your abilities. You are slightly more neurotic than Clem these days but that might only be b/c Clem doesn't share every detail of her love life with us anymore. But that's neither here nor there. You are very good at what you do and I feel like you need a bit of Stuart Smalley in your life. Maybe Daily Affirmations will help. If not, perhaps alcohol is the way to go. :)
Um, I think that's about it. I should probably do some work. Hope all is well with you ladies and that you have a good week. I am thrilled b/c mine is only 4 days. Those are the best!


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