Thursday, November 08, 2007

I hate the late 40 to 50 year old women in my class who gave up independence to be a wife and mother in their 20's, but now they are feeling an empty nest so they've decided to pursuit their own interests and become an "artist." These bitches are getting on my nerves. Not only do they spent four times the amount of time in the darkroom, prolly burning through $16 of paper per assignment (due weekly) but they think they are the only effing one's taking the class. Hey bitch, it's my turn to present, could you stop talking about your work for 5 minutes. No I don't care that you think I should have cropped, or enlarged or printed vertically. Although your unsolicited advice is fuel for my hatred of women like you, I don't see how taking the drawing or oil painting class would make me a better photographer. I realize that you perceive the ambiguous sexual orientation of the art department's head as non-threatening and get off on the attention that he pays you, because your husband is a dick who hasn't paid you any mind since you smother him with your motherly ways, but the art department head is so obviously gay, but you're too stupid and inexperienced to notice. Oh and if you put two and two together, that your teacher is gay and not in the "happy" sense but in the "he has sex w/ men" sense then you're brain will prolly explode. You'll think you've been tainted and will go take an anonymous AIDS test through the mail, because you're a bigotted homophobe and I HATE YOU! And the worst thing I can wish upon you is a liberal child.

Angry in P-town


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