Friday, November 09, 2007

Goodmorning Angels!

Ok annoying- can't update my email address which means I need to sign out of my current gmail into the old gmail to post.

Secondly, had I not turned off my computer last night to concentrate full on Iron Chef America I would have posted myself and as I thought "hm i should really turn my computer back on and post." I knew I would wake up and see Scarlet had. Beating me by mere hours again AS USUAL!

But having already weighed in on her evolution discussion I found the results intriguing. Also have read Clem's NYTimes article on Telling the Stories Behind Abortion which stated 40% of women have had an abortion in their child bearing years I asked her to overlap the two figures since it's rare that two separate people come to me with staggering figures in one day but I'm sure the info is coming. :)

I planned on finding conclusive evidence that having grown up in New York and living in the NE biased my numbers (I had originally guessed 80% of the country would have believed in evolution) UNFORTUNATELY all the data out there is old.

The most recent map I could find was from 2000:

Now as you will SHOCKINGLY note New York received a C! BUUUT then if you go here you realized it's because it includes "sloppy organization and inclusion of creationist jargon. It could easily be revised into a first-rate program". I'm going to blame this on Western New York bringing the state down.

I would like to take a moment to show what they said about Kentucky and hope Scarlet's head doesn't explode: "It appears young Kentuckians are to be sheltered from any exposure to evolution and dangerous words and theories". I smell home schooling in Rhett's future! And that is where the Libertarian uprising will begin...

But in my search for evolutionary data I found this:
  • More than half of all American adults (53%) do not know that the Earth goes around the Sun once a year.
  • Nearly half (48%) do not have a sense of what percentage of the Earth's surface is covered by water.
  • And 42% can't answer correctly when asked if the earliest humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 people (19%) couldn't answer any of these questions correctly.
I over guessed on the amount of water covering the earth (which I also had to research) but I think it was close enough that I'm considering myself knowledgeable.

And since I'm on a role of careless disregard in hot-button topics I recommend everyone take this happy little quiz that Scarlet gave me when she and Mr. Darcy were berating me for not wanted to get changed into real clothes and go out and vote. WHICH might I add tricked me into thinking I could vote for presidential candidates which was untrue (and very confusing at the time) when I did in fact get dressed in real clothes and go out to vote. I was fairly certain that my quiz was going to come back and say "peace and happiness, little moonbeam. buddha loves you and thinks you should vote soon because your Venus is in retrograde" which it did not but does make me want to find my Hair cd before my drive to Albany... Yes I own a Hair cd. Hmm everyone knows that's a hippie american tribal love-rock musical... yes? Sometimes I say things and I feel people looking at me with the same questioning as when I said "it's Wiccan" when my co-workers were trying to say "witch craft" about another employee. Hair is how my friends and I scared Hare Krishnas in Quincy Market on our 8th grade trip to Boston by singing Hare Krishna along with them. Apparently not many white suburbanite girls knew the song.

Oh in other news the area we walk to most often- Davis Square- had a Guinness book attempt at the most number of Witches doing a reading at the same time the weekend before Halloween. No reports on whether it was successful or not. And that is what a couple lines of latitude and an extremely close proximity to Salem will do for you.

Now that my Dennis Miller rant is dying down I'll mention that I'm really enjoying Boston. We can walk to things. Our place is really nice- photos on facebook. I love love love working from home. The ole wedding invite business is rolling along. I just finished a 2 day project of creating a photo/vendor review with tons of pictures website to put on the Knot as a (hopeful) way to drum up some interest and business. All next week I will be reporting live from Albany while I watch after my sister when my mom is in Italy because my stepfather doesn't think he's up to the task... Yeah don't get me started on that one but I'm being paid so woo-hoo money coming in is always good. Speaking of I need to finish tidying up then get on the road!



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