Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wow! Um, I feel after TFMD's post compelled to confess a recent fashion choice. Before I confess, I just want the record to show that I am now an "artist" as I now have been seen in a show and currently hold wall space in Popodop's home, therefore I have artistic license to fill the role as cliched crazy dressing artist.

Um for the confession.

Also, before I confess I should mention that I deliberately didn't seek the opinions of Mrs. Belding or my candy girls, for I kinda already sensed disapproval. I did consult with three separate men, two straight men and a gay man. Rhett was indifferent. I then consulted with Steve, my gay friend at the theatre whose taste I trust. He told me my choice was making a statement and was for it. Still not quite satisfied, I consulted with Bill. Bill said it was "punchy" I interpreted this vague statement as pro wearing of my confessional item.

Two "For's" and one "Indifferent" vote finally provided enough confidence to wear my confession with a straight face:

Yellow Peep Toes with Black Socks

Yep I said it. The entire day prior to my art reception I was a nervous wreck about whether my outfit was screaming "student artist" in a not-good way. But I decided my choice to wear yellow patent leather peeptoes with black socks was made so I'd just wear it confidently. I got zero reaction to the shoes so, quite possibly it was a fashion blunder that will be talked about behind my back for years to come.

Other than that the art show went well. The head of the art department told me that he and my professor shared the opinion that my piece was their favorite. Of course the reality check is that I'm at a community college in Western KY.

OH! I wanted to say to Pop and Snuff - HAPPY HOUSE CLOSING yesterday!



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