Thursday, October 05, 2006

ok i don't mean to dominate this here blog but if you were say... giving files to a contractor and you sent this photo along: don't you think you'd notice that--- OH one side is missing?!?!

that stupid f-ing company that we all used to work for has not only killed my happy halloween costume buzz but SOMEHOW killed my grey's anatomy buzz. GREY'S ANATOMY BUZZ PEOPLE! IT'S ONLY ON ONCE A WEEK AND 5 MINUTES AFTER IT'S DONE MY HAPPY JOY HAS ALREADY BEEN SUCKED AWAY.

they're bastards. unorganized unqualified lazy incompetent bastards. makes me wish i'd gotten an exit interview all over again.


Blogger Scarlett said...

First they suck the life blood out of me, you and Margeaux then they kill your Grey's buzz w/in 5 minutes. Those bloody bastards.

McDreamy vs. Finn: Round 1 goes to McDreamy

Clem, Pop you must get out while you still have a chance.


11:36 PM  

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