Tuesday, October 03, 2006

so if this movie attaches you will about where my humor/insanity lie. i found this on a friend of mine's myspace page not too long ago and at first was like "dude what the hell?" to the point now where i wait until Mr. Darcy just about falls asleep and start chanting parts of it and laughing hysterically. funtimes. this is why we don't have guests over often as well. at the wedding you'll have to ask the best man about his times living with us only one wall away. he says therapy has helped but he still hears the demonic voices. now you may be asking yourself- demonic voice- the future mrs. darcy try as you might your voice does not go that low. well, smartass, you are correct BUT what i used to do was set my computer up to speak and leave my IM on so when people messaged me you would hear crazy computer voice when you thought no one was in the house. ahh memories.

EDITED TO ADD: oh of course! the reason i decided to share this with you all is that when popodopalous said she was having sex filled REM romps with Wentworth and Lincoln B all i could think of was Lincoln- as in Abraham- he who freed the slaves and all. ESPECIALLY since there are those "your dreams miss you" with Lincoln (complete with hat) and a groundhog in the kitchen playing cards so I just thought pop put herself in there and got freaky which is ... really disturbing. Anyway the i realized-- hm isn't there a Lincoln on Prison Break but i never really got that much into the show despite it's KEY time before 24. But i still may be crazy because Wentworth kind of sounds like either a butler name and is pretty damn close to LEAVENWORTH which as well all know is a prison in Kansas hence the prison thought....

ok i'll stop now.


Blogger Scarlett said...

Holy helicopter soup, that is funny! At the "He'll save children, but not the British children" I peed my pants. Does that comment constitute as potty humor, if it does, I take it back so as not to be a hipocrit.

-Scarlett Fever

9:20 PM  

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