Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interesting you should post that Ms. Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler because in a very weird way it ties into my planned discussion of: The Two Most Important Days of the Calendar Year That Are A VERY SHORT 27 Days Away...

Now, i won't post the picture because it may offer popadapolous' dislike of lady terms and possibly scarlett dislike of potty talk though maybe not so much but i will leave it up to those sick curious few who now have to know to do a google image search for "best halloween costume" and i think it's the first image that comes up. You will then, like me, most likely have to share it with whoever is in shouting (or emailing) distance. Note: Mr Darcy's was in emailing distance being he was watching True Life: I'm a Meth Addict in the living room and I was watching [probably Law and Order- the actual show isn't coming to me] in the office room and it was too late to be shouting so I emailed but the time did not stop him from immediately shouting "WE ARE NOT DOING THAT". Not that that, AT ALL, was my purpose but considering my last Halloween idea included using stocking to create the illusion of siamese twins- I can understand his concerns.

For more on my "let's all go as carnies" Halloween idea that was widely panned, as well as, the subidea to that "things to consider before strapping yourself to someone with stockings to go as carnie siamese twins like puking and peeing" please see my myspace page.

But as I eluded to - my carnie idea was no well received amongst the masses WHICH leaves me with 27 days (despite my brainstorming since May) to come up with a kick ass halloween costume. Mr. Darcy and I have yet to top our Stephen King's Carrie (complete with prom date Tommy) of 2002 in Salem, Mass. [picture of that can be seen on the wedding website we sent out in the "about us" section].

The idea of going as Princess Vespa and Lonestar from [obviously] Spaceballs was our leading candidate for costume but Mr. Darcy pointed out we could be mistaken as wanting to be Star Wars people and we can't risk that.

Now my friend, Other Jenn, in her objection statement to the carnies idea that her idea of a halloween costume is lingerie and animal ears. I only 80% disagree with that on the grounds of unoriginality. If you can work it so it's cool- rock on- otherwise it's F-ING COLD IN LATE OCTOBER and I don't want drunk frat boys ruining my halloween fun with their lame come ons. But that said I have been super girl, a french maid, and other scantily clad things through the years. More lately though I have been enjoy all things undead. Let me tell you- it sucks to be nearly albino 364 days of the year but put a little concealer over my lips on Halloween and I scare people.

But in the spirit of goodness I will give you all suggestions for what you should be first:

  1. Olivia Newton John from Xanadu (glitter eye make up and spandex) - or -
  2. Paula Abdul (bra that misforms your cleavage and you must be shitty drunk. my other idea with this is Mr Scarlett (i suppose this means, Rhett) can be Simon Cowell and likewise be shitty drunk and he can insult people all night)
  1. You shall be Posh, Mr. Popadapolous shall be Becks. You can wear something short and show off those legs, overpaint your lips and speak with an accent all night. He will wear a football jersey and scowl.
  1. I'm thinking Maid Marion just because it would fun to see you try to talk Mr. Margeaux into wearing tights to be Robin Hood
  2. Or the creepy robot girl from Small Wonder because i'm sure you've already done the Punky Brewster thing.
  1. A Playboy bunny (in a plucky Bridget Jones sort of way not a trampy whatever-the-actual playboy-bunny-show-is-on-VH1 way). And chances are you wouldn't have to pay for a single drink all night.
So there you have it. You are all set for Halloween now. Use your energies to think of something good for me.


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

I have in fact been punky brewster before. I believe it was sophomore year of college. Oh how the frat boys thought I was sexy - or not.

7:07 PM  

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