Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Weekend Update and New Job - this could be long

So Mr. Kramer (or is it soon to be Mr. Kramer, or not really any of that since I'm taking his last name) and I went home for the weekend. Let's start by saying that each time I go home it's a good reminder why I left. After having dinner with my maitron of honor and her husband, who announced they are pregnant, we headed to the hotel across the street from my mom's condo. For some reason I decided we should go to the bar, even though we'd already been drinking. I suppose the reason is I wanted a cigarette and needed to bum one b/c we all know I quit in March. So the lovely hotel bar had karaoke going on. Imagine a bunch of townies singing karoake. This was no karaoke extravaganza 2k6, this was townie people singing really really badly. I distinctly remember hearing someone try to sing karaoke to Shoop by Salt 'n Pepa. Who does that? Shortly after that I decided I'd seen enough and it was time to call it a night.

Saturday was uneventful. Saw my friends baby - very cute and then had lunch with mom and went and picked out our wedding bands. Rather painful (wedding band shopping) but that's b/c I am indecisive. Took me way too long to make a decision. That evening was the reunion. Not too much to say about that. I know I got drunk and said stuff to people that probably wasn't necessary. Nothing bad, just TMI. Can't say I'll go to the next reunion. I really just wanted to see the girls and that mission was accomplished so I guess it was worth it. Sunday was our "cake tasting." Seriously thought I might vomit from the lack of sleep and excess drinking of beer and smoking of cigarettes the night before. I made it through though and we now know what 4 flavors of cupcakes we will be serving at the main event. The last thing to say about the weekend is there was a girl on our flight back that I went to college with. I did not want to see her or have her recognize me so I oh so casually hit behind a magazine. She lived on my floor freshman year. Was nice at first and then became a raving bitch - at least I thought so. Her ass is fat now so I figure she had it coming.

So we've made it through the weekend and oh, one more random thought. My maid of honor kept playing "Thr33" from for us on her iPod. Really funny! Even more funny after lots of beer. I'm now a big fan of deathchilada style. The narrator kinda sounds like Will Ferrell. For some reason Ask A Ninja won't work on my home computer but I highly recommend it for some random stupid laughs.

Ok, moving on. Started my new job. I'll keep it brief. Had orientation yesterday. Was useful and basic and boring. Had to watch a video on harassment. In case you didn't see my comment to Scarlett's posting, I felt like I was in an episode of The Family Guy. In particular, the one where Peter has to watch the harassment video. If you haven't seen it, it's "I am Peter, Hear Me Roar," it aired on 3/28/00. Yes, we have seasons 1, 2 & 3 on DVD so I was able to look that up and I did! Anyway, made it through orientation just fine. Actually went to the office today. Had lunch with D (yes, I'm abbreviating but D works for media relations also). He's a nice guy but has lame jokes like Scarlett's old boss. It's not as bad and I hope he changes them up a bit. If not, we might be in trouble. Had a meeting with my boss after lunch which went fine. Well, that is if you consider trying to hide the fact that your diet coke has made you keep burping. Pretty sure I looked like a complete ass in the process of trying to not look like a complete ass. Really not much to report. The big score is that I do have 2 windows (in my cube) and they do open. Considering I had 4 padded walls before that with no way to know if it was night or day outside, I consider this a major coup! By 11:30 this morning I had Trillian up and running and am sure I'll be blogging before the week is out. Ah, I love my new job! Not a damn thing I miss about the old one, well, I do kinda miss the clips that worked better than tacks on the padded wall but that's about it, and since I can get those at Staples, nope, nothing I miss.

Yes, that's all for me. Sorry it's so long, it had been a while. Lastly however, yes, Wentworth is hot but I'll take Keifer, but only if I can call him Jack Bauer the whole time! One more thing, b/c I keep thinking of sh!t - watching season 4 of 24 on DVD right now. Just finished hour 11. Um, not to point out the totally unrealistic stuff, but the president has been on a plane since at least 7am. Where the F is he flying to/from? Does his plane EVER land? Ok, enough.

Margeaux out!


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