Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dinkin Flicka

I didn't go to work yesterday, so the last two hours have been spent catching up. Slow morning, nothing really new.

Until I get an IM from Petra.

Apparently Twiz and his crush are now an item. Let me re-fresh your memory. I had a crush on Twiz last year. Last time I saw him was the beginning of the end. Granted he told me about his crush, but let's face it crush means something different than " I like her and am pursuing her". Anyway, the crush knew how I felt and she even said she felt bad for flirting/she would never do anything/they are just friends, etc. All things your friend is supposed to A. say and B. follow. Now, I'm not saying we are BFF, but I lived with her sister, so you'd think there has to be some type of loyalty.
I guess not. I could careless about him. I knew he was pretty much a womanizer, but the crush, well I am shocked. She is a maneater. I supposed the saying "Keep your friends close, and enemies closer" would apply here. I wish the two of them the best, really I do. They deserve each other.

Dinkin Flicka, dinkin flicka.

I wasn't gonna email FNB, but after this news...yeah, drafting that email shortly.

Word out.


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