Monday, October 09, 2006

Please do NOT feed the Care Bear

Saturday night was the neighbor's Halloween Party. I rocked the Care Bear costume and was not once mistaken for a pig, so I felt a small victory. Rhett's dry delivery was perfect for his conspiracy theorist costume, and as predicted costume preparations did not begin until 3 hours before the party.

I HEART Jake I got my tickets to the Scissor Sisters concert in Nashville on Oct. 17th. Can't wait! I missed them when they performed at the 9:30 Club

Retailers are still trying to drive me insane. I told you all about the West Elm chair debacle. A resolution has finally been reached. They are sending me a $75 credit voucher redeemable at West Elm, Pottery Barn & Williams Sonoma, so I'm pacified for now. My latest annoyance involves the purchase of two counterstools from CB2. The chair bases arrived on Saturday via Fed Ex, but the seat portion won't arrive until today via UPS. Really? Whatever!

To see my chairs:

In other furniture news: I have a new 134 lb. armoire that Rhett and I had to carry up our narrow and steep staircase to the 2nd floor. Every muscle in my body was screaming in bloody pain only to be exacerbated by my hangover on Sunday a.m. Dehydration is a bitch.

Thanks to life affirming talk shows like Oprah, Ellen and The Greg Behrendt Show I've decided to use my unemployment more productively. Though I have always considered myself to be a highly literate person, scanning a list of "must read" books reveals some serious gaps. I am going to close that gap to further reach my larger life goal of winning on a trivia game show.

If you'd like to see what you should be reading:

MiTunes: this week I'm into ol' skool Tribe Called Quest, Kings of Convenience, ABBA for good measure, Goldfrapp (though it makes me want to buy a Moto Krzr phone) and Metric (Emily Haines solo album isn't tempting me though) Also, I'm trying to decide if The Killers sophomore album is worth $10. Anyone heard more than 30 seconds? Oh, by the way Brandon Flowers, if you're reading this you have to shave off that stupid mustache you are too pretty for the butch look. Stick with the eyeliner. Jack White, you too need to shave. Speaking of: The White Stripes are releasing an orchestral album. Only 3,333 cds and 999 lps will be released. Downloads will not be limited. I must have this!! I heard a sample of it and it's genius avant garde at it's best!



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