Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Being the member of 3 o'clock candy who has been married the longest, please allow my 2 cents on the topic of marriage, especially b/c The Future Mrs. Darcy and I spent a lot of time discussing this last week [by the way, TFMD, this will constitute as a rough draft for that chapter you're asking for]

Here goes:
1. It is a good idea to live with your intended for at least a year. This allows you to work out the kinks, like breaking the bad habits acquired during the college years when he would drink out of the same cup w/o washing it for 3 months.
2. It is not a good idea to use inflamatory language like the following:
  • Rhett, you're a stupid ass.
  • Rhett if you look at me like that one more time, I shall put a pillow over your face during the night.
  • Rhett, were you raised in a G-damn barn?
3. Try to use specific language not generalizations. Do say: When you call people in traffic "horse fuckers" it makes me feel annoyed. Please do not use the term "horse fuckers" Thank you honey. Don't say: I'm so sick of you always calling people "horse fuckers." [This is wrong b/c it attacks the person, not the infraction]

4. Try, when at all possible, not to share computers especially if your husband is a gaming junkie and gets ants in his pants when you sit down in his desk chair.

Clementine, tell your friend to follow this advice and she is sure to have a happy,
peaceful marriage! And best wishes to Margeaux & ME and The Future Mr. & Mrs. Darcy in their upcoming nuptuals!



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