Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yeah - sorry the chart isn't going up.
If you want to see if I can email it to you. This is to protect the innocent.

I'm afraid this isn't going to be too witty. I am about to fall asleep and I have a scratchy throat.

So to fix both problems, I thought I'd go get a nice cold Diet Coke before blogging.
Only Diet Pepsi. I'm desperate, I put my dollar in, make sure I key in the the accurate letter and number, A-3. This is where the stupid drink is supposed to fall. It got stuck. I try beating the machine to no avail. I get another dollar, but decide 1. $2 is way too much to spend on something I don't really like in the first place and 2. it's a machine, so I will beat it some more.
Woohoo. Human wins :-)

Ok now that I have my Diet Coke, back to the blog...

So with the committee's help, I went ahead and rsvp-ed for NYE in the OBX. I just did it yesterday, so there hasn't been much time for Cam to find out or for us to talk about it.

Um, what else.
Saturday I pretty much spent listening to my friend who just got married (6 months ago) tell me about her husband and their issues. The were throwing the word 'divorce' around. Long story. But I think everything is ok, at least for now.

From this I have realized several things:
-Living together before actually getting married, may not be such a bad idea
-You should probably discuss your roles/contributions before saying " I do". (Does he want you to get a job or Is he okay supporting you?)
-Prenups just sounds like trouble
-Drinking and fighting probably isn't a good idea

But some say the 1st yr of marriage is the hardest, so I hope that is the case for these two!

That's all I've got for today.

Word out.


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