Thursday, November 23, 2006

Here at Ma & Pa Butler's house for Thanksgiving, I'm hiding out, I mean "checking my email" in the office, while the dishes are cleaned. I thought I'd make a quick note of some of the things that I'm thankful for. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Rhett
  • my house
  • appliances with a "delay" function which prevent me from using too much electricity which lead to brown outs. (Hey, it's an old house originally built lacking electricity!)
  • Petsmart - for cleaning my smelly dog Jody
  • my iMac & iPod
  • Mac make-up for creating a light yet highly pigmented lip colour
  • American Eagle for making short length jeans that perfectly fit my 28 inch inseam
  • Mickey, the greatest hairdresser next to my own mother, who cuts, highlights, waxes & dispenses advise with the wisdom and concern of a parent
  • the maker of frozen toasted ravioli
  • Chi for making a silk infusion hair product to which I am addicted
  • Mr. Belding, Mr. Belding's Baby Momma (soon to be renamed) & Mr. Belding & Mr. Belding's Baby Momma's baby, whose pirate name has since been forgotten - for all the laughter
  • Origins for creating Nite-amins which smells like orange tic tacs
Well, I suppose I should rejoin the holiday festivities....Enjoy your family & friends today! Margeaux try not to kill any relatives - just drink, it helps!

Appreciately Yours,


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