Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I love working on a college campus. College students make me laugh and annoy me at the same time. First, the make me laugh part. The way they dress! I look at the way they dress and the things they wear to class and I feel old. Old because I laugh at them and think to myself “are you kidding” and old because I know it wasn’t so long ago that I was in college myself. I don’t understand the point of the miniskirt paired with the Ugg boots. I don’t understand the teeny tiny boy shorts and the puffy down jacket. What is the logic? As I walk through campus I often expect to see Clinton and Stacy from TLC’s What Not to Wear jump out from behind a bush and attack a student. I wonder if they look at me and judge me by what I wear also. Do they know that someday in the not too distance future they will be the ones wearing sweater sets and slacks to work?

Now the annoy me part, and I apologize in advance for my language but I am really irritated with people. Bitch, if I hold the door for you, the least you can do is say thank you! I am not the damn doorman – it is not my job to hold the door for you. And, if you see me two steps behind you, could you fucking hold the door for me? Sadly, this doesn’t just go for the college students – the faculty and staff do this as well. However, to the girl who just before was coming through the door into the stairwell as I was waiting to get out, could you not have held the damn door? You were only holding your soda with one hand so why couldn’t you hold the door with the other? I’m sure your mother would be very disappointed in you for being a rude little bitch. There, I’ve said my peace!

Lastly, and perhaps most important, I have to say that I am very happy to work for such a fine Governor as Tim Kaine. Thanks to Gov. Kaine, today is my last day of work for the week. I am lucky enough to have tomorrow off (along with Thurs. and Fri. but I feel those were a given). Between now and the end of the year, I will only work one full week. How great is that?! I leave for Mexico next Friday and won’t be back at work until the following Wednesday. The week after that I will work a full five days, but we also have our holiday party during the day one day so that knocks out a few hours. After that the wonderful Tim Kaine gave us Dec. 22 – Jan. 2 off of work. Honestly, I love this job! Sure, I could get piss drunk at my old company’s holiday party, share a cab home with the Senior VP and then email him and say thank you while drunk at midnight but this is so much better than that! I don’t think I’ll know how to work a full week once I come back in January. I think that’s why they throw MLK day in there. They know we haven’t worked a full work week in over a month so just to make it easier to get back in the groove, we’ll honor MLK in January and have yet another reason to take the day off of work. Genius!

Anywho, stay tuned for fun details of Thanksgiving with my family, getting pissed in Mexico and the nonalcoholic holiday party that is sure to be a blast. Let me preface by saying that the party has a theme (All That Jazz) and there will be costumes – including staff dressed as flappers and gents in Roaring Twenties style – because that’s appropriate for a work holiday party! I can’t wait!!


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