Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What better to do on a rainy Wednesday than blog....

I have about 2 hours of real work to do, but it's only I need to procrastinate a little bit.

So here is the latest situation.

New Year's Eve.

I went to the OBX last year, and about 3 weeks ago, I got the email saying- "ok time to start planning for NYE, who's in for the OBX?"

I was thinking about it. I mean it's super chill- about 30 people at the beach for a few days just hanging out, drinking, and eating. I went last year and had a good time. Seriously, what could be better than having always have meals cooked for you and kegs calling your name over 3 or 4 days.

So anyway, I find out that Cam is going this year. Definitely. He was a "yes" on the list.

After talking to a friend, she made a good point. This is "my" thing, I went last year after all.

Here is why I am a little apprehensive about going:
-It's over a month away; who knows where things are going with Cam.
Side note here though- Yesterday was probably the first day in over a week that we didn't talk everyday. We have plans to hang out tomorrow, so I was just thinking I'd email him tomorrow to confirm times. Well while blogging, I just got an email from him saying "Just wanted to say hello. Hope your day is going well". So nice. :-)

-I don't want to look like a stalker

-Do I mention I am going, or thinking of going?

-The group is smaller this year, but Cam and friends are going, which means it may be weird.

So kids....what do you think?

We can discuss further over some tasty beers at RB tonight :-)

Word Out.


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