Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stupid conservative small town!!! The movie Borat was advertised as coming soon, but at the last moment it was pulled from the theater. So we rearranged our plans. We bar hopped for happy hour then Rhett and I went to the independent movie theater and saw an interesting documentary called This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated. If you guys have an opportunity to catch this you should. It's a very revealing depiction of the self-policing MPAA, the board that rates movies. It shows that basically they have an agenda to censor things like homosexuality and anything which they deem perverse, like a woman's orgasm.

Anywho, I'll be spending the day getting ready for my trip to DC. Like a good wife, I have left Rhett a tray of lasagna and a pot of chilli so hopefully he won't eat fast food all week. I'm debating the merits of cleaning the house today, knowing that it won't be clean when I return so what is the point? If you asked Rhett "which Friend character is Scarlett" he'd tell you I'm like Monica on friends; domesticity has only increased these anal retentive tendencies. Oh screw it, I got my Jem and the Holograms dvd from Netflix so my time would be better spent gettin' truly outrageous! Tonight I have planned to watch the VH1 made for tv movie satarizing the 80's, Totally Awesome! This movie was tailor made for me...

Frankie Says Relax,


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