Friday, December 08, 2006

As Scarlet is currently witnessing in the other online world caffeine may as well be speed to my body. I'm on my second green tea of the day (although #2 has two bags in it) and someone who doesn't know me could arrive at the conclusion I'm tripping balls.

But now is a great time to blog. SWEETNESS everyone just left. The blog gods do indeed want this to be blogged.

Which brings me to my point (thank you segue).

Unholy Wednesday

Some of you may recall my blog post several days ago, some of you also went ahead and called to make sure I wasn't climbing into an oven, and for that I thank you. It was not crawling into an over by any means and I worry I was a little "too much" in the post and while practicing brushing my teeth in the mirror in case I'm ever asked to be in a toothpaste commercial last night I realized something. It was unholy Wednesday.

Now I know that Popodop has unholy fridays after many a "fresh air break" and that Clem spans several unholy days at a time and cannot vouch for the rest of the crew but you may have caught my drift.

And that is the drift of Aunt Flow. Now growing up I always hrrmphed like an old man at the talk of the PMS since the "P" was never really a problem for me and people were generally confused when I told them I just had "MS" but now and again we have an unholy Wednesday. I know there is a song from the mid-90s that sums up this unholiness perfectly having to do with a general "it's not you - it's me/ sometimes I'm just down". DAMN IT WHAT'S THE FRIGGIN SONG?!?! Ok I need to know now.

Anyway as the caffeine dies down I just wanted to reiterate that everything is fine even if it is still up in the air.

Damn it what is that song? Ok all profoundness and lack thereof is halted until I figure it out.

EDITED TO AMEND: Clem is a genius and the song is "Just one of those day" by Monica


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