Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Hump Day !

So a few things....

For those of you who metro, I'm sure you saw this. It's hard to miss a huge rabbit

When I was in college, my roommate bought a rabbit. It was the ugliest (read- scary) animal. White with red eyes, although she tried to convince me they were blue. Riiight. Rabbits are right below squirrels in my opinion.

Moving along.
So next month, Cam and I are going on a ski trip. Um..yeah I don't really ski. Well let me take that back I kinda ski. I get all nervous because I think I am going too fast, and so I try to stop, or slow down. For whatever reason, this is next to impossible for me to do, so I do what one fearing death does, I throw myself to the ground. Yes- literally. I'm sure I look like a fool, but at least I am still alive. One guy actually told me "If you keep doing that, you are going to break something" He is probably right. But again, a broken bone is better than dying. Ok, a little over dramatic, I know. Because it's a group thing and there is drinking and tubing I think I will be ok.

So anyone with skiing pointers, let me know!!

Ok...well time to lunck kids.



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