Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Look who decided to show up again-- pretty crazy, I know but I recently found myself thinking- how can I stand up to my boss without being fired then I realized that is 3 o'clock candy's strongest point right after figuring out where drunken bruises could have come from!

So. We have all seen evidence that my boss is kind of a bitch. She's passive aggressive, doesn't do anything really boss-like as far as training or mentoring or letting me know anything and lies to save her own ass. SO that sucks but I could have just gone on bitching to all of you about it. UNTIL NOW.

Those of you online on Friday probably got an earful of me complaining through the snot-filled haze about my end of the year review. I had no instructions and really didn't even know we did reviews until a short while before. The reviews consisted of 3 parts: Part A: write basically your job duties and then say how you did; Part B: state you development objectives from the past year and say how you did on them and Part C: (aka most corporate bullshit ever) state how your work effects each of the 5 parts of the mission and how you did on those. I will email you the mission just because I saw and article in the express today about work getting ahold of nasty bloggers and whatnot and don't want to get in trouble. So I spent 3 hours sick as hell trying to figure out what to write because LO AND BEHOLD my boss never set out objectives for me. I found my job description in an email KT sent me when she lured me away from you-know-where and made up some objectives and filled the whole damn thing out. I had to call some woman very high up in HR to get the skinny on it all for me and my other fellow new employees who were walking around scratching their butts as well though first.

She basically said: the people who have only been here one month probably don't need to but the person there 3 months and you as well who have been there 6 months SHOULD because it's the only way you'll get your merit increase. The person there one month probably had any merit taken into consideration when they got their salaries.

SO. Today stupid boss comes by and stops at my desk and is like "HI! How are you? How was your new year? [bullshit bullshit bullshit- then gets to the real reason she came over] So our weekly meeting is when? [such an idiot] Tomorrow- that's right, thanks. So I was looking over your review. I didn't think you were going to fill one out since we really hadn't discussed anything. We'll take an hour and talk about [training you went to earlier in the month]. Ok? Great!"

Now for those of you NOT playing along at home I'll spell it out: because she never went over objectives with me in the beginning of the year (as she just said giggling to a co-worker while she was going over the co-workers review) so I have no chance of getting a merit increase in my salary. Obviously this is not cool. Anyone have any suggestions about what to do next?


Blogger popodopalous said...

OK, now that you are armed with the job objective you received from KT, you will demand a time to review them and your answers. Reminding her of her own words about who was to fill them out if she gives you any lip. If she plays the passive aggressive bit, call her sorry ass out on it by saying that you checked with HR on who should be reviewed. If none of this works, remind her that a review is also a time for her to learn what is needed from you to continue and effective realtionship and if she won't make the time, you'd be happy to see if her boss would.

3:10 PM  
Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

Two more notes to add: 1) they also do midyear reviews but there is no pay increase with them- only at the end of year review and 2) her boss is on maternity leave for the next two months so the next person above would be the department director.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

yeah, what Popodop said...

9:28 PM  

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