Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm sitting here staring at the clock (and let's be honest, my email too. I think Cam joined the circus again). Anyway in roughly 3 I will say "peace out" and make my way to the airport. Viva Las Vegas.

I think that I packed everything I need, but I'm sure as I sit on the plane a list of things I forgot will come to me.

My first goal is to drink on the plane. I've never done this and feel it should be checked off my list of things to do before I die. This may complicate reading "Angels and Demons" though. Maybe that will have to wait until I am laying by the pool. Ah...warm weather. D#!* it. I forgot sunglasses.

My other goal for this trip is not to lose a lot of money. Spending it on alcohol, food, and other things isn't losing money. Giving it to the casino just isn't cool.

Popodop, I won't be calling you at 4am this time and leaving some incoherent message-unless of course you'd like that.

Just a heads up if I hit it big,I hope to run into Josh Duhamel, convince him to leave Fergie and move to Hawaii. If not, I will be back on Sun, possibly with some good stories.

TFMD- Good luck with the play. Cam is in town if you need a bodyguard let me know.
Scarlet- Enjoy Scissor Sisters.

Not sure what the rest of you kids are doing- but have a good weekend :-)



Blogger popodopalous said...

Not drunk dialing me at 4am? hello what kind of Vegas trip would that be?

2:06 PM  

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