Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thanks to The Future Mrs. Darcy I now know the definition of a donkey punch. I shared the definition with a group at the Mid-Week Drinking Club complete with body movements to illustrate. I thought Rhett was literally going to die laughing.

Speaking of Rhett, I have offered him permission to blog since he has a blog entry in mind on this very topic. Sorry to circumvent the democracy that is 3 o'clock candy, but I figured you wouldn't mind.

I have to go to work at the theatre now. OH! Good news. Starting Friday night I'm going to shadow the stage manager to learn how to call cues. That will involve thats of black clothing and a headset and I can't wait. It sounds so much fun. I guess I need to come up w/ nom de plumes for these co-workers since I have funny anecdotes.

Peace out,


Blogger the future mrs. darcy said...

so when can we expect this cameo post from Mr. Butler?

11:41 AM  

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