Friday, February 23, 2007

I too have been remiss in my posting but in my defense my Chair position keeps me busy as well not to mention real work and other work that I do a real work... yikes.

so things i've been meaning to discuss but only blogged about them in my head which apparently doesn't give out an RSS feed. aww super cool dork i am.


1) how i think people who work on holidays that are deemed holidays by their place of employment are ruining benefits for the rest of us and generally douche bags.

1b) the event on the metro which lead me to almost shout "but then it would smell like bum urine douche bag" [common thread- use of the term "douchebag"]

2) how i need to gather my $5 in change to send to the Butler household ASAP

3) the events that led up to Mr. Darcy throwing my super wedding binder at me and taking a chunk out of the side of my face which proves that head wound really do bleed unnecessarily.

4) why watching veronica mars at work is a good idea but watching grey's anatomy is not because there is really no way you can logically explain crying hysterically at your desk in the realm of working.

5) movies that i want to see sooooooooooooooo badlllllllyyyyyyyy: (in no order) Reno 911, 300, ... umm I thought there were more. Ok in that case I will put them in order: 300 then Reno 911 although they are coming out in the opposite order. I've been wanting to see 300 since I first saw the preview on apple in like december and have read about it and the history behind it and seen clips on how it was made and -- AHHHHH cannot wait.

And that's about all i can write right now-- couch is calling. Unable to keep myself at computer any longer.....................


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