Monday, February 19, 2007

It's always sunny in Philadelphia..or is it? Petra and I left for Philly around 8:30am on Saturday. The plan was to go up there to meet the younger brother for the Gtown/Nova game at noon. It was a hell of game. Even I was cheering towards the end. Thank god Georgetown won!

So after the game, we needed to see where D, younger brother, was in his recovery. So a group of us (D's 4 friends, Petra's old roomy, her bf) head back to his hood. We started the night with a few drinks at his house before moving to a local bar/restaurant. We needed to kill some time before our 8:30 hibatchi reservations.

Fast forward.....we get to the Hibatchi place right around 8:30 with a nice buzz. We tell the hostess we are there and wait, yup still waiting, waiting some more. Time check 9pm. Ok..good the table has the check so we expect to sit down in the next 5 mins. Well 5mins has now turned into 30mins. So one of D's friend, who happens to be the smallest of them, decided to give a standing ovation to the table after the guy got up.

This didn't go over well. So the 50-ish yr old man gets in the friend's face, and they exchange words. I just hear the friend say "What....are you gonna hit a kid?" Oh god- the whole restaraunt is now staring at us. We are so "those'' people. Mind you this guy still has to pass the other 3 hoodlums and my brother. The other friend apparently says very calmly "Son, I'll take you outside and smack you around" And now comes this man's wife. It happened to be her birthday, and so one of the hoodlums asked her how many candles she had to blow out. This was not well received.

Petra and I are just standing there, not really sure what to do...we try to make the kids stop but they have all been drinking, and frankily I am little scared of them. Luckily no fight broke out and we by 9:30 we are seated. And to our surprise we are still served alcohol. Nice.

The rest of the evening was pretty calm. The good news is that when we got back to the house D threw me over his shoulder like good times. He is just about back to normal. All in all it was a good time.

Hopefully everyone had a fight-free (and hopefully long) weekend!!



Blogger Scarlett said...

Fight Free Here in P-town!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Not so much on the long side - unless you count the agonizing hangover on Sunday as long. I had to work yesterday.

8:24 AM  

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